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Courses for Industry

Our Courses for Industry are specialist courses geared to those who require language training specific to their field of work. Courses for Industry can be tailor-made to your company's needs, but are generally designed for a maximum of 12 trainees and can be taken intensively or non-intensively over a period of 6-12 weeks. Modules covered in these courses include basic greetings and conversation as well as phrases and vocabulary specific to your industry. These courses will ensure that your staff are at the forefront when it comes to communication, customer service and cultural awareness.



Business-2 is targeted towards clients that have previously had a good level of fluency in Mandarin Chinese and who now need to reuse their knowledge of the language for professional or academic reasons.

This course is most commonly attended by clients who have previously studied Mandarin Chinese at higher education - e.g. university courses or foreign language exchange student programs - and who now wish to fine-tune their level of fluency.

Rather than being a set number of sessions, it is an ideal opportunity for a client to focus on specific aspects of the 'Intermediate' general course (see 'General Courses'), which may be in areas of weakness or interest depending on his or her particular situation.

Whilst sessions within this course will be directed by the client, our tutors will always try to identify areas for improvement through continuous role plays and the introduction of new vocabulary bespoke to the client's interest.

This course is also most frequented by clients whose professions/ interests are focused on an area of commercial, geographical or technical expertise e.g. commerce, logistics, marketing etc. In this case, London Chinese Language will always aim to provide a tutor that has experience in a particular area of focus and relevance for the client.

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