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Clients feedback

Over the past few years, LCL has provided language training for people from the following companies or organisations. In all these cases, the trainers and Academic Support were arranged directly by LCL:

Clients Feedback :: Dow Corning
:: Imperial College London
:: Goldman Sachs
:: Upstream Creative Consultancy


Dow Corning

"Over the past four years, I have had seven different Chinese language teachers in the USA, UK and China. I learned more from Yujian Wang in six months of one-on-one tutoring sessions than from any other teacher. His encouragement and friendly approach helped me achieve my objectives and gave me a strong foundation of language skill as I moved myself and my family to Shanghai."
(Ashley Brinson)

Imperial College London

  :: Excellently organised.
  :: Well-paced.
  :: Good time spent on revision of past lessons.

Teaching style:
  :: Relaxed but kept the pace going. Although we had lots of laughs we never felt as though any time was wasted.
  :: Innovative teaching: had several ways of explaining things.
  :: Explainations were clear to understand.
  :: The teaching was very sensitive to our needs, spending more time on things that we clearly found more difficult.

  :: There was quite a lot of this but we could always just do as much as we had time for.
  :: It was extremely helpful in consolidating what we had learned.
  :: The exercises were varied and interesting.

  :: Yujian is an excellent teacher with good command of his pupils' needs and ability.
  :: The lessons are EXCELLENT value for money and as fast and as good a way to learn Mandarin as any."
(Jenny Burgess & Alistair Robson)


"Yujian has been an absolutely amazing teacher and I have been nothing but impressed with his ability to actually teach me Mandarin. His lessons have always been very well-structured, with new vocabulary, grammar, reading, speaking, all perfectly balanced. Likewise, he is very patient and never do I feel rushed or confused at the end of a lesson. For someone who has tried every possible method to learn Mandarin, Yujian far surpasses them all! Other students are amazed when they see the pace at which I am progressing, and it is all down to Yujian. Without a doubt, I would recommend Yujian - nothing else comes close."
(Dr Erin L Boyd)

Yujian has been a tremendous help in improving on my speaking and reading abilities. His classes were fun, varied and interesting; weaving in bits of culture, literature and history into our conversations. He was supportive and patient and I only wished that I was a more hard-working student!
(Pin-Nee Tang)

Goldman Sachs

"I think yujian's lessons are organised and precise which helps to learn faster and to remember a language that is different from our european languagues with latin roots. Yujian manages to make a 2 hour lesson interesting and challenging which is not so easy to do. He is confident and he makes me feel confident even though I cannot always remember from one lesson to another all the stuff I have studied due to a lack of time to practice. He is positive. It is a pleasure to learn Mandarin with Yujian for nearly one year now and I feel I have done quite a bit since I started even though Yujian does not think it is much."
(Sandrine Vives-Rotger)

Upstream Creative Consultancy

"The dedication, knowledge and professionalism in my classes were excellent. I was inspired to learn more through interesting anecdotes, and gently encouraged to address my weak points. I have rarely learnt so much so fast, which is saying something, as I speak 4 other languages!"
(Marcus Sorensen)

Broomfield House School
(Kew Gardens, Richmond)

"We have thoroughly enjoyed the Mandarin after school club lessons this term and would like to continue next term."
(Mrs P Maughan)

Please note that, if you are thinking of using LCL for the first time as your preferred language supplier, references can be arranged.

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