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LCL language trainers

* Due to accelerated expansion, LCL are actively recruiting more trainers! If you are a qualified trainer and would like to work for LCL, please complete our application form >

LCL Chinese Training calls upon its international network of native speaker language trainers, teachers and tutors to deliver the language training programmes that we develop together with you.

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LCL trainers

Some of our trainers are leaders in their field with extensive business experience, PhDs or MBAs. They are native speakers with specialist qualifications and experience in Teaching a Foreign Language to Adults.

It occasionally occurs that a student feels they would prefer a native speaker of their own mother tongue (who is also fluent in their desired language). This can be arranged subject to teacher availability. We select the trainer most appropriate to your needs (your aims, timescale, learning approach, availability and budget). In all cases, the trainer is delivering the course (course content, methodology and materials) discussed and designed by the LCL Academic Team and in conjunction with him- or herself.

Selected trainer profiles

Trainer vetting

All trainers are vetted for qualifications and references (and police-checked where training is given to minors). They are also provided with full Health & Safety Training before they start working for LCL. Confidentiality agreements can also be signed where sensitive information may be discussed during a lesson. LCL contracts trainers on an equal opportunities basis.

Continuous feedback during your course

Once your training starts, there is continuous feedback between the trainer and Academic Director and, as a result of our evaluation of the progress made and/or changing needs, we can revise or amend the course methods and content. There is always full support for the trainer. Our trainers provide a weekly report of the course progression for our Academic team and the student via our Online Reporting System.

How to become a LCL trainer

If you would like us to consider you as one of our LCL trainers, please complete and submit our online Application form.

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