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Our clients

More than 30 million people are said to be currently learning Mandarin Chinese around the globe.

Here are just a few examples of the type of clients that most frequently use our services:

Our Clients

:: Expatriates who are to be posted out in China for long-term professional placements (Banking professionals, IT specialists, Marketing Directors etc.)

:: Professionals who are to be posted out in China for short-term placements (e.g. Beijing's Olympics in 2008, the Shanghai World Expo in 2010 etc.)

:: Accompanying spouses who wish to be able communicate with the local Chinese (ordering food, communicating with home-helps etc.)

:: Entrepreneurial individuals wishing to attain a minimum level of Mandarin Chinese before tackling the Orient!

:: European examination students wishing to achieve top grades: now that Mandarin Chinese is firmly on many national educational curriculums (e.g. GCSE, A-level or Degree students in the UK), our tutors are expertly placed to provide that all-important support before the final exams!

:: The leisure traveller; speak Mandarin Chinese...and step off the beaten track!

Needless to say, our clients are not limited to the above and we are always looking to welcome new customers.

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