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LCL language trainer profiles

All our teachers are native Chinese speakers, fully qualified and experienced in teaching Chinese as a foreign language.

Our native Chinese teachers are selected for their experience, knowledge and their ability to interact effectively with language learners. Begin your language training with confidence!

Language Mandarin
Name Yujian Wang
Location London & Kent


Yujian is a 35-year-old Chinese, who has been living in UK for nine years. Yujian is a very experienced Chinese teacher, having taught over 400 people of all levels over the last 7 years, and is a LCL (London Chinese Language) qualified teacher of Mandarin. He has been teaching more than 50 kids from different countries - Britain, India, Bangladesh, America, Singapore, etc. and got great feedbacks from their parents. Nine years living in UK has afforded him numerous opportunities to introduce the Chinese language and culture to people from diverse backgrounds. He will help you design a customized course tailored to meet your specific needs. Yujian is from Beijing and is thus a native Mandarin speaker, certified as having the received pronunciation required of Chinese newsreaders. His hobbies are football, badminton, and music as well as travelling, cooking and surfing on internet.


Language Mandarin
Name Ye Ji
Location Kent & London


Ye Ji is 37 years old, and has been living in Britain for 9 years. She has an MBA and has been teaching Mandarin in the UK since 2010. She is motivated and enthusiastic about teaching. She has worked as a teacher in China before, so she is very experienced. She uses proper methods for teaching different pupils, and she is patient. As a result, the parents of the pupils in her classes are very satisfied with her work. Ye Ji speaks fluent in Mandarin and English and has strong inter-personal and organisational skills. In China she participated in a research project on ˇ°Developing practical abilities and innovative spirits for students in information technology lessonsˇ±, from which two papers were published and she was awarded first prize. She is a Member of the Education Committee for High and Primary Schools of Changchun City, Changchun, from February. She is keen on art and technology.


Language Cantonese
Name Tian Lan
Location London


Tian Lan is 29 years old. He has been teaching Cantonese to English speakers for more than 3 years with enthusiastic, patient and professional attitude. With Tian's

  • Rich knowledge in Cantonese culture, including Hongkong, Maucao and Guangdong
  • Good humour sense making the classes lively
  • Use extra teaching materials to help understanding phrases and enhancing memories

students are able to learn in an easy way. In his leisure time Tian likes reading English and Chinese books and listening to Chinese music.


Language Mandarin
Name Xiaohang Lu
Location London


Xiaohang is a 34–year old Chinese woman, who has been living in London for quite a long time. She has a Degree in Intensive Management and teaches Mandarin to international students ranging from business students to children. She also has a first-class of National Certificate of Standard Chinese and a Certificate in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language to Adults from LCL. She has also worked in a number of companies in London and Shanghai. Xiaohang is fluent in Chinese and English. She is interested in literature, foreign cultures and music.


Language Mandarin
Name Jenny Wang
Location London & South West UK


Jenny is a 32-year-old Chinese who has been living in London for six years. She has a degree in Chinese Language and Chinese Literature. She has taught city professionals and diplomats both in China and in the UK. She is 'committed to help her students developing their greatest potential'.


Language Mandarin
Name Candy Liu
Location London & South East UK


Candy is 34 years old and grew up in Tai Wan. She has a Certificate in teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from LCL in London and has been teaching general Chinese for two years. As a former news presenter in Tai Wan, Candy's Mandarin is 100% standard. She now works for LCL as a dynamic Chinese lecturer for all levels. As a young creative teacher, her teachings are flexible, creative and practical. She believes that her students 'can not only learn perfect Mandarin but also know much more about China, for instance culture, history and society etc'.


Language Mandarin
Name Yishen Yuan
Location London, Midlands & South East UK


Yishen Yuan is 34 and lives to the north of London. He is currently taking an MA in Applied Translation Studies specialising in Politics & Education, Business & Economics, and Oenology. Since 1999, he has provided Chinese language tuition to corporate clients in the legal, financial, entertainment and commodities trading sectors in one-to-one and group settings. Students benefit from a well-qualified, experienced and confidential trainer with in-depth business knowledge, able to offer tailor-made training according to the company's and student’s individual needs. He has lectured at a London university teaching evening adult access beginners and advanced Chinese language courses. He also previously taught Chinese at a secondary school. Apart from teaching, Yishen has worked on the Chinese Trading Institute's public relations account, aiding with translations of business correspondence, contracts, information material and enquiries, and organising exhibitions and tastings.

Yishen has a BA (Hons.) in Modern Foreign Language Education, a Diploma in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and a Masters in Business Administration (China - University of Beijing) specialising in Marketing & Oenology. His other interests are sporting activities such as badminton, football, skiing and swimming. He also reads a variety of international literature and is interested in oenology.


Other teacher profiles are available on request.

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