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Specialised/Specialist Courses

Our Specialist Courses are geared to those who have specific training requirements. They can be taken instead of, or in addition to, our General Tailormade Courses.

One-to-One Online Courses

Ideal if you are just too busy to lose a couple of hours in a day, or if you are often travelling but can be reached by telephone in any destination. Similarly, if you live in a very remote location, and a trainer can't get to you, online language lessons are an excellent solution. There is a wide range of telephone language lessons to choose from.

Last Minute Courses

A high quality language training programme does not have to be months in the making. We respond rapidly to your requests, and having agreed on your programme, we set up your course quickly, effectively and with the minimum of fuss.

Luxury Weekend City Trips

Dash off to a European city for a weekend sightseeing, but couple it with language training from a teacher who can also guide you around the sights and hunt out good restaurants and shops. This is the perfect way to spend a few extra days productively, for example, in the run up to a conference, meeting or trade fair, or simply as a luxury weekend away. All accommodation, eating out, travel and transfers can be arranged as a complete package. This can also be tailor-made as a perk or incentive.

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