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Business Mandarin/Cantonese Courses

Whatever your business needs, LCL Chinese Training offers a complete range of language training services, from one-to-one courses through to the most complex multi-site group language training solutions. We are best known for the unique way in which we orchestrate training: we draw on a wide range of training methods and linguistic expertise to create well-honed programmes that meet your needs flexibly and efficiently.

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Business Mandarin/Cantonese Services

We are experienced in working with large and small corporations and organisations to bring flexible, efficient and cost-effective language learning solutions to human resources.

Once we've agreed on proposal details, you can hand over the entire brief to us, and let us take care of contacting and testing your employees, forming groups, confirming start dates and diffusing information, or you can step in and take control of any of these processes if you prefer. Through the monthly reporting, you can maintain your overview of details such as 'lessons taken/remaining', 'participants and absentees'.

Business Course Types

Generally, we are asked to organise permutations of 1:1, 2:1 and small-group courses - ideally we'll recommend a maximum 12 trainees per group to ensure each participants gets sufficient access to the trainer. We can stage most kinds of language training - please browse the full list of course types we have on offer.

Training Methods & Academic Support

A variety of approaches and methodologies are used by LCL Chinese trainers, depending on the learning style of the individual or group. As a general rule, we tend to teach using fairly eclectic methodologies, drawing from the best practice available. As a default approach, we will tend to focus on building speaking and listening skills and vocabulary development, through active, hands-on and communicative teaching.

Corporate Language Audits

A language audit comprises elements of a level assessment, and some sort of needs analysis. A language audit forms the core of each language training programme, but can be arranged rapidly and can usually take place at a distance.

Getting people to explain what why, how and what they want to learn means every participant is implicated in the design of the course. This builds motivation and enthusiasm for the course.

The Level Assessment (e.g. online test, oral test by phone) provides our academic staff and your trainers with the information they need to ensure the course is pitched at the correct level.

The Needs Analysis is the trainee's opportunity to explain his or her requirements and subject content of the programme. Sometimes someone can reel off all the reasons, situations, circumstances in which they need to use the language, and other times we have to unravel people's needs a little before we can start. Generally, 15 or 20 minutes is all it will take to take down detailed needs over the phone.

Help With Planning Your Company's Language Training

It can be quite daunting if you're not used to planning language training. We set up and run dozens of language training projects a year, and every company works in a slightly different way. We want to discuss things with you in order to see from your point of view, so with our insight and experience and your objectives and budgets we can give you the advice and support you need. After these initial consultations, LCL will come back to you with a solution that will ensure the language training you need is arranged quickly and efficiently, and meets your budget requirements.

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