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London Chinese Language Club - Mandarin After School Club

We provide Mandarin lesson in London based Primary and Middle Schools as part of our after school London Chinese Language Club program.

  • Native teachers
  • Small groups and one-to-one
  • Songs, art, games and competitions
  • Fun, friendly atmosphere
  • The quickest, simplest way to fluency


The LCL Mandarin After School Club is an initiative launched by London Chinese Language which will provide young children with the fundamental basics of Mandarin Chinese. The Club is run by native speakers who combine basic learning with art, songs, games and competitions in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

When and Where?

The Club is held once a week as an extra-curricular activity in primary and preparatory schools countrywide. The Club can be run either during lunch or after school.

A great opportunity...

To equip young children with the basics - after all, the earlier they begin, the easier it will be! Learning Mandarin Chinese will unlock doors to high-flying careers and international success. Your child can learn tomorrow's language today with the Chinese Dragons Club. Make sure you don't miss out on this invaluable opportunity. Please contact us for further information.

LCL After School Club teaching material

All Club teaching material is heavily geared towards reinforcing the 'must-knows' of Mandarin Chinese. This is achieved through simple but effective picture cards, repetition, art, songs, games, competitions... and of course, every teacher adds their own professional touch!

Fortunately, there is a now a wealth of effective Mandarin Chinese tuition material available to children of all ages. In particular, the London Chinese Language Club recommends 'Chinese Made Easy for Kids'.


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