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Private Chinese Tuition

We provide language training on an individual basis for personal and/or professional reasons. As each individual has their own requirements and goals, we will discuss these with you and come up with the best language training solution for your needs. This will take into account the time you have, your level, your learning style and budget. Our innovative booking system is unique to our industry: BOOK ONLINE in one easy step by clicking the links to the right, or complete our Quick Quote form.

Individual Language Training :: Reasons For Taking a Tailor-Made Course
:: Private Course Types
:: Why Choose LCL Chinese Training?
:: Pre-Course Preparation

Reasons For Taking A Tailor-Made Course

You may need to take a tailor-made course in order to concentrate on a specific area of language, eg. medical or law. However the most common reason for taking a tailor-made course is a limited amount of time in which to learn the language: in this case you will progress more effectively attending a course alone, or in a small group with others who share the same objectives and language level as you.

Some of the most common reasons for which we provide individual language training include: overseas relocation, getting more out of a foreign holiday, business meetings, marrying a spouse from overseas, and for other personal or professional reasons.

Private Course Types

The most popular language course formats are 1:1, 2:1 and small group courses. We can arrange most types of language training so please browse our full list of course types or feel free to call and we'll talk you through the best options for you.

Why Choose LCL Chinese Training?

Over the past few years, London Chinese Language has provided tailor-made language solutions for a great variety of students, be it for any of the reasons listed above and more. We listen to your needs and then, in consultation with you and your trainer, prepare the most effective and pertinent course. We also offer training in specialist areas. We can come to you, and have your tuition at the most convenient place for you in London.

  • At your home
  • At your office
  • At the restaurant
  • In a luxurious venue
  • In a neutral public venue

Pre-Course Preparation

Individual training requires an investment of your time and energy, and it's important we get things right the first time. One of the greatest benefits of individual training is that you can shape the content of the course. It is therefore important to spend some time prior to the course thinking about particular subject areas you'd like to cover. Your Level Test is an important document that will help us focus more precisely on your needs. Before you begin your training we then also send out a Pre-Course Preparation document which details ways in which you can prepare yourself mentally and what you can expect from your course.

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